Welcome Yoast as Silver Sponsor!

Win a ticket from Yoast for  WordCamp Dayton  >

Welcome Yoast as a Silver Sponsor of WordCamp Dayton 2016!

Yoast_Logo_Large_RGBAbout Our Sponsor

“At Yoast, we optimize websites. Not just one aspect of websites, but every aspect.

We make websites more usable, easier to navigate, faster and more reliable. In other words: we make websites work. For the owner ánd the visitor.

The added bonus is that if you do all that right, a website becomes easier to find too.

How we do it

There are many ways that lead to Rome, and we’ve covered quite a few:

  • By building plugins for WordPress, the worlds most popular CMS, we’ve made it easier to build a website that works.
    We’ve written several articles, listed in our Essentials section, about loads of common issues and their solutions.
  • We consult for some of the biggest brands on the planet, including Facebook, eBay, the Guardian and many more.
    Our research has created proven best practices for building better websites.
  • And last but certainly not least, we review websites, telling owners what they could do to make their website work.”

Thank you to Joost de Valk – founder & CEO — and his team at Yoast! We couldn’t do this without you.

Win a ticket from Yoast for WordCamp Dayton >

Round Four – Speaker Announcement

Danny Santoro

The Ten Dos (and Don’ts) on Starting a Business Online

Through the past few years, I’ve been involved with too many startups to count – some my own, some a friends, and hundreds of other peoples. I consistently see some things that lead to success and some things that lead to disaster – in the talk, we’ll go over the top ten key points and issues, some examples of what went right, and some examples of what went disastrously wrong.

Ryan Rhoten

Building your Brand is as easy as rolling D.I.C.E

Building your personal brand is quickly becoming a requirement for business professionals.

In this presentation, attendees will learn how to build their brands and amplify their reputations using WordPress and the D.I.C.E four-step process.

The D.I.C.E process consists of personal brand Discovery, Integration of online and offline brands, content Creation via WordPress and Engagement with social media.

Shelby Elliott

Streamlining Your Mockups & Theme Styling Process

If you’re building a site for your own purposes, or doing some freelance work for others, but don’t consider yourself a developer, you’re probably working with purchased themes. And just maybe you’re looking to have more control over the look of your theme, than what is afforded by many built-in theme customizer options. This talk will focus on some things I learned the hard way, that now routinely save me a lot of time and frustration in the mockup and styling processes, using simple techniques and free tools. A basic knowledge of CSS is recommended, though not required for this session.

Cyrissa Carlson

Instagram is My Jam

In our consumer driven society, a strong visual presence can make or break your brand. Of all online shoppers, 65% say that quality photographs are important to them when considering a purchase and consumers are 72% more likely to buy from a brand that they follow online. So my question is, are you worth following?

Learn to Leverage Instagram for your business. Let me show you how to set up your account, manage your photos, develop a strategic posting strategy, use hashtags and geotags to reach your ideal client, and tools that streamline your entire process! Instagram is my jam… and by the time I’m done with you, it’ll be yours too!

Meggan J. Lanahan

What to Write When You Don’t Know What to Write

You have a blog and start out with good intentions, but don’t seem to be able to get your blog rolling. A lot of times, it’s because you don’t know what to write. I can help by sharing some writing prompts, and encourage others to use their personal experiences as prompts. I can also help others find the courage to use their experiences. When you write, you help others.

Welcome Dayton Most Metro as a Platinum Sponsor!

Dayton Most Metro logo WordCamp Dayton 2016 sponsor


Welcome Dayton Most Metro  as a Platinum level sponsor of WordCamp Dayton.

About Our Sponsor:

Dayton Most Metro is an online magazine connecting people with things to see, do and get involved with across the Dayton region.

Looking for something to do?  Look no further than the Dayton Most Metro Events Calendar – THE most comprehensive events calendar in the entire Dayton Region.

It is syndicated on several other websites including DowntownDayton.org, CultureWorks.org and many others, making it a very good way to promote your event.  Not to mention it is FREE!

Looking for a restaurant?  We have one of the biggest Dayton Dining Guides on the Internet!  Search by category, city, average price, and even filter the list to only look for Local Independents or Food Trucks.

Get directions and link to restaurant websites AND Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Foursquare and OpenTable pages.  And since our venue guide is connected to our event calendar, you can see all of the upcoming events and dining specials for each restaurant.”

Thank you to Lisa Grigsby and her team at Dayton Most Metro! We couldn’t do this without you.

WordCamp Dayton Hotels

As Dayton WordCamp 2016 gets closer, we wanted to list a few different hotels in the area that we can suggest for your booking.

These are the hotels that we have that are within a walking distance to our venue.

Wingate by Wyndham
3055 Presidential Dr, Fairborn, OH 45324

(937) 912-9350

Holiday Inn Dayton/Fairborn I-675
2800 Presidential Dr, Fairborn, OH 45324

(937) 426-7800

Extended Stay America – Dayton – Fairborn
3131 Presidential Dr, Fairborn, OH 45324

(937) 429-0140

Should you have any questions about the schedule or tickets, please let us know by emailing dayton@wordcamp.org

Schedule announcement

We have released the schedule full schedule for Dayton WordCamp 2016!

There are still a few speakers that we have not announced yet but they will be announced early this coming week.

The event will begin on Friday with registration opening at 7:45am and will run until Friday at 4:15pm. We will be providing pizza for lunch on Friday (veggie pizza will be provided). We will then re-open registration on Saturday at 7:30am. Saturday events at Wright State will go until 5:30pm with a networking event to follow at a location off site. During Saturday events, we will provide a catered lunch (again having a vegetarian option).

During the day both days, we will be providing small snacks, water, pop, and coffee.

For the full schedule, visit the schedule

Tickets for the event are still available online here. If you purchase your ticket now, we will be able to guarantee you a shirt of the size you pick. We will end preorder of shirts on Feb 15th this year. If you miss the pre-order of shirts, we will have some extras that will be available at the end of the day on saturday as a first come first serve basis.

Should you have any questions about the schedule or tickets, please let us know by emailing dayton@wordcamp.org

Round Three – Speaker Announcement

Ben Byrne

An Introduction to React.js

The incorporation of the REST API into core is bringing to the fore JavaScript as a key part of WordPress’ future. While there’s no shortage of JS frameworks out there for taking advantage of the API, the WP community seems to be gravitating toward React.js as the framework of choice — as typified by Calypso.

This session will provide a basic overview to React.js: what it is, what problems it’s built to solve, and how to get started working with it using simple examples. If you’ve mostly written PHP, or have written jQuery but not gone deeper into JS than that, this should be a good primer.

Gery L. Deer

Content Development & Quality

Do you create content for search engines or for people? If you answer, “people,” you’re at once ahead of your time and behind it.

Only now are SEO specialists finally catching up to what most copywriters have known since the medium first hit the computer screen – content matters more than keyword loading. Join Gery L. Deer, managing and creative director of GLD Enterprises Communications, Ltd., for a discussion on the elements of audience-focused, high-quality content to generate organic search results and retain visitors.

A Pulitzer-nominated, 20-year veteran freelance journalist, copywriter, IT professional, and entrepreneur, Gery has provided both code and content for website over the years and has always maintained content over keywords. “If the idea is to sell something or drive traffic to and through a website, the only option is to offer visitors the highest quality, user-focused content possible.”

He’ll also show how this concept will make your social media posts more effective and drive LIKES and new followers to your content.

Darrell Richards

Understanding How a WordPress Theme Works

Basic and very short description, Speaking about what makes a theme, What files are completed needed to make a theme work. What does the functions file actually do? How can you build a child-theme and how can you build a custom theme.

Bobby Bryant

Javascript: Beyond jQuery

The goal of this talk is not to downplay or shortchange the importance jQuery has and will continue to play in Web Development.

It is however a talk, which will cover some Javascript concepts every Web Developer should know.

  • Higher Order Functions (Map, Filter, Reduce)
  • Object Compositions vs. Classical Inheritance.
  • Closures – Understanding Closure will unlock Javascript’s full power.

Lastly, we will bring it all together, and show some slightly more advanced examples of why Higher Order Functions, Composition, and Closures are so important to understand. Hint: Functional Composition, and partially applied functions.

For new developers, you will get a good sense of what Javascript can do for you. You will also learn some less technical Javascript concepts like:

  • Functions are first class citizens
  • What do multi-dimensional arrays look like in Javascript
  • Why it seems like almost everything is an Object in Javascript.

Steve Grunwell

Writing WP-CLI Scripts that Work

WP-CLI is a great tool when you don’t need a fancy UI, need to write scripts to perform regular maintenance, or to provide deeper functionality to your awesome plugin. Like WordPress, it’s free, open source, and far more powerful than some people give it credit for.

This session covers the components necessary to write great WP-CLI scripts; from structure to execution, arguments to output, attendees should leave the session with everything they need to know to implement WP-CLI commands in their next project.

New Sponsor: OhioGhostWriter

OhioGhostWriter logo for WordCamp Dayton 2016Welcome OhioGhostWriter as a returning Small Business level sponsor of WordCamp Dayton. 

About Our Sponsor:

“Conversation. Between you and your clients. Between you and your colleagues. Let OhioGhostWriter help you direct the conversation. We develop content worth talking about. Our customized content will drive visitors to the websites you build.

Learn more about our content strategy and development at OhioGhostWriter.com.”

Thanks to OhioGhostWriter! We can’t do this without you.

Round Two – Speaker Announcement

Jared Banz

Local SEO – How Small Businesses Can Compete In Google

According to research by BrightLocal, 64% of local customers use online search engines and online directories as their primary method for finding local businesses. Only 28% of people use traditional paper directories.

Times have changed, and digital marketing is upon us. If you are a locally-based service business, it is essential that your website is optimized correctly and that you have properly claimed local directory profiles, Additionally, it is important that you optimize your local citations/links and have established a solid review strategy.

If I am able to speak for WordCamp, I’d love to talk through the need for local SEO, the essential on-page website changes as well as walk through how to optimize local profiles. It should be noted that I don’t have any affiliations with any popular directories like Yext or Yellow Pages. That said, I will only push for actions that have helped bring my clients business via local SEO.

Mike McDermott

Never Sell a Site Without a Maintenance Agreement

While folks think they are giving a client a wonderful content management system they can add content to themselves, what they really are giving them is the most popular website to hack. And unlike static html driven sites, this one has a sql backend that can have serious security implications.

Janette Dywasuk

How to use your WordPress site for Marketing

From quality content to great pictures, your WordPress website is the hub of all your marketing efforts for your company. Are you getting the most out of it? Building and launching your website is just the beginning. This discussion features easy-to-use tips and resources to turn your website into your strongest marketing tool.

Seth Alling

Fixing a Hacked Site

Your phone rings. A client informs you that a WordPress site YOU developed and maintain for them has been hacked. Where do you begin? What do you do? How will you prevent it from happening again?

Daniel J. Lewis

How to Improve Your Podcast’s WordPress Website

Your podcast’s website is its home on the Internet; it’s your platform to build your branding and grow your audience. Learn how to optimize the site for better findability (SEO), engagement, conversions, ease of use, mobile devices, and more. These tips will work for the hobbyist as well as for the professional. If you want to get more out of your podcast website, then you need this session!

New Sponsor: Xandra Design

xandra_design_logoWelcome Xandra Design as a returning Small Business level sponsor of WordCamp Dayton.

About our sponsor:

“We bring your vision to life.

XANDRA DESIGN is a small graphic design firm that engages in work across a variety of media including brand identity, websites, marketing collateral and exhibits.

We serve as a creative partner to small- and medium-sized companies across the country who need their products and marketing materials to grab attention, stand out from the crowd and make meaningful connections with their target market. We are uniquely skilled at first listening to our clients’ needs, thoughts, stories and abstract ideas and then bringing them to life visually in a manner that communicates effectively and reflects their core values.

Check out examples of our work and see what our clients have to say about us.”

Thanks to Xandra Design! We can’t do this without you.


New Sponsor: Release Dates of Cars

WordCamp Dayton 2016Welcome Release Dates of Cars as a Small Business level sponsor of WordCamp Dayton 2016.

About our sponsor:

“New car research starts at ReleaseDatesofCars.com! Get detailed reviews, engine specs, car prices, exterior and interior pictures and videos of every car, minivan, SUV, and truck on the market and the latest in terms on best car lists, track tests, road tests, crash test scores, and fuel economy ratings. Our love for writing about cars has been made possible by WordPress, which is arguably the most popular web publishing platform in the world today, and which we are pleased to be associated with.”

Be sure to visit our sponsor’s website and say thanks! We can’t do this without them.

March 4th – March 5th 2016