Speaker Announcement

Jarrett Gucci

What to DO When you Don’t Know What to DO

We all love WordPress but know that things can go wrong from time to time. What if you knew exactly what to do whenever a WordPress issue arises? This can include anything from a theme or plugin issue all the way to those really bizarre things that can happen leaving you clueless how to troubleshoot them. No high level amount of technical experience needed with the tricks we will show you. Being equipped to handle WordPress issues can really help you keep things running smoothly on your site and focus on the fun stuff rather than hair pulling and other madness.

Steve Stewart

Podcasting Plugins to Make Engagement Easier

Getting your audience to engage with you can be difficult. If you are a podcaster, it becomes even harder.

Plugins can make it easier for your audience to engage:

  • Premium Podcast Players (Free and Premium)
  • URL shorteners (Lite and Pro options)
  • Social Media Icons and services (including Speakpipe, a voice message plugin)

Chris Hardie

WordPress as Your Digital Home

There are tons of places to put your content, but not all of them give you the control and ownership you should have. Your WordPress site is still probably the best place to call home for your online creations. In this session I’ll show you why that is, walk through tools and techniques for using WordPress as your digital home while pushing content out to other places, and answer your questions about how to build an online presence that is fully yours.

Nile Flores

Troubleshooting WordPress

Sometimes when you’re using WordPress, things just seem to go wrong. It’s not always your fault, so no need to panic. There’s ALWAYS a solution.

What you know in this situation are 2 things – you’re not able to use WordPress and you need to get it back in working order.

This presentation is to make you more aware of what to do when things seem to go wrong with WordPress. We’ll go over reasons why this could happen and some really common scenarios to look for.

Jeff Long

Creating Online Courses with WordPress

People who create Online Courses and the eLearning industry is booming and is growing each year. I want to share why people and companies should consider putting their content online teach their audience.

I’ll address how businesses can streamline their training, HR and whatnot through an eLearning platform (built with WP of course). I’ll also talk on how entrepreneurs can package their intellectual property and make online courses to sell.

I’ll give case studies and show the tools that I use to create, host, market and sell online courses for my client projects.

I believe that learning how to properly teach online and package it in a way that impacts the student’s life is a topic that many will want to learn about.

Want to Attend WordCamp Dayton for Free? Have We Got a Job for You!

To organize and present two action-packed days of learning and fun at WordCamp Dayton, dozens of volunteers work behind the scenes to make sure you have a terrific experience.

We can’t do this without them.

Here’s what our volunteers do, and how you can become one of them.

What You’re Volunteering to Do

  • On Friday: early morning set up, attendee check in, T-shirt distribution, coordinate breakout session video.
  • On Saturday: early morning set up, attendee check in, T-shirt distribution, lunch set up, coordinate breakout session video, afternoon clean up.

We’ll divide up the tasks so that you can complete your volunteer tasks and then attend the presentations.

What You’ll Get as a Volunteer
in Addition to a Huge Thank You!

In return, you’ll receive a free ticket for admission to both days of WordCamp Dayton on March 4-5 at Wright State University. That’s a $40 value.

Your lunch on Saturday and a WordCamp T-shirt are included.

Ready to sign up?

We expect at least 150 attendees at this year’s WordCamp Dayton and definitely can use your help to ensure that everyone enjoys the experience.

Use the coupon code Volunteer2016 when you sign up for a General Admission ticket.

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Tickets On Sale Now

Tickets are on sale for the third annual WordCamp Dayton, which is being held March 4-5, 2016.

By purchasing a ticket, you will be able to participate in activities on both days:

  • Friday features sessions intended for people who are new to WordPress.
  • Saturday is a full day of sessions for all ranges of WordPress users; from beginners through power users and developers.

Lunch is included on both days along with an after-party following the last session on Saturday. You’ll walk away from the event having learned more about WordPress, made new friends and re-connected with WordPress users from around the country, and you’ll receive a cool WordCamp Dayton T-shirt. Tickets for all of this are only $40.

WordCamp Dayton 2016 takes place on the Wright State University campus at the Raj Soin College of Business in Rike Hall.

Click here to purchase your tickets.

Call for Sponsors

WordCamp-Dayton-2016-LogoAre you a good fit as a sponsor for WordCamp Dayton? Yes, if…

■ You run a WordPress or tech business and want to share your products with developers and users.

■ Your business uses WordPress for its own website or you’ve otherwise benefited from WordPress.

■ You have a service or product you want to get in front of a large number of freelancers, entrepreneurs and small businesses (say for example, you’re an accounting firm, financial planner, health insurance company, personal trainer).

■ You’re a tech recruiter or employer looking for web developers — WordPress or otherwise — you’ll be sure to find them at WordCamp Dayton.

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About WordCamp Dayton

WordCamp Dayton is a not-for-profit conference. Our speakers come at their own expense and are not paid for presenting. Our organizers are not compensated in anyway, and the event is staffed entirely by volunteers.

Similar technology training conferences cost hundreds or even thousands while WordCamp Dayton costs attendees less than dinner for two. How are we able to do this? Because of our generous sponsors.

Thank you for making WordCamp Dayton happen March 4-5, 2016 at Wright State University.

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Call for Speakers

Speak at the 2016 Dayton WordCamp. Camp is scheduled for March 4th and March 5th 2016. We will be at the Small Business Center at Wright State University this year (the same place as our first camp).

Speaker Benefits:

  • Speaker dinner on March 4th
  • Cool Swag
  • Speaker Profile on website.
  • Get to help share your knowledge with others

March 4th – March 5th 2016