Round Five – Speaker Announcement

Katie Patton

YouTube for Traffic

I’ll give insight and tips on how to make successful YouTube videos that can push traffic to your website. The session will be focused on getting organic traffic to your videos with various tactics.

Connor Blakley

Creating Authentic Relationships Through Social Media

I will show audience members how to utilize the features social media platforms offer to create authentic relationships.

Imagine if companies measured the ROI of social media as relationships made.

It is easier to sell to you friend than a stranger!

Angela Bergmann

SEO 101

Basic things any user can do to improve the SEO of their website. From what plugins help, to what you can do while writing to better optimize your website.

Erin Olmon

Using Custom Post Types to Align with Mental Models of Backend Users

Review the concept of mental models then discuss how we can use custom post types to better align the backend WordPress experience with the mental models of the people using it.

This topic falls in the realm of design strategy; it’s not a particularly advanced UX topic, but for people not exposed to UX or mental models, this will provide a way to frame part of the challenge of designing the WordPress admin/editor/writer experience.