Round Six – Speaker Announcement

Paul Tela

Containerizing WordPress

Containers are a useful tool for building efficient, flexible, and dependable infrastructure. With the growth in popularity of Docker, containers are more accessible to developers than ever before. WordPress, being designed to run in shared hosting environments, presents some interesting challenges when being run inside a container. We’ll start by looking at the basics of how containers work and important considerations when moving to containers. Next, we’ll investigate the WordPress specific challenges to containerization and some possible solutions. Finally, we’ll talk about running containers in production.

Maureen Carruthers

WordPress 101 – Posts/Pages/Categories

In this workshop you will learn how to use the WordPress dashboard. The session will focus around the differences between posts and pages as well as how to use categories and tags.

Justin Rains

How to Add Bootstrap to Your Custom WordPress Theme

Bootstrap is a popular framework to build responsive websites. In this session we’ll explore how I’ve integrated bootstrap into my themes for responsiveness. This presentation will also include a live demo.

Andrew Walker

Panel: Site Maintenance – Best Practices for Keeping Your Site Up and Running

This panel’s focus is to highlight the best practices for keeping a secure WordPress website. We’ll also uncover some of the biggest mistakes we’ve seen.